Thursday, January 28, 2010

less accountant more sexy

I've been thinking that maybe my mc needs a new name. I get the impression(real and otherwise)that his name might be a detractor. how hot can a vampire named Sidney be? it sounds more like an accountant or someones grampa. NOT a sizzlin vampire. names are very important. he rises above his name obviously because he is sexy and hot and chicks dig him but I'm giving serious consideration to changing his first name just to see. I checked around on some name websites and picked a couple out. I'm thinking Bowen or Damon. they sound kind of suave and mysterious. anyone who wants to put their 2 cents in please feel free. this is really bothering me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

an interview with my MC

Today on Elana Johnson's blog I saw an awesome older post about interviewing your characters and I was like MAN!that is I thought I would kick things off by interviewing my main character, Sidney Rutherford.

Sidney joins me this evening impeccably dressed in a suit. The top two buttons of his shirt are not buttoned and he's sans tie. His handshake is firm and his touch lingers just long enough to cause you to blush.

Alison Beightol-It’s great to be able to speak with you Mr. Rutherford.I know you don’t like to give interviews.
Sidney Rutherford- My pleasure. I was willing to make an exception for you.( his slow smile after the word ‘you’ has me HOOKED!)
AB-I know you usually prefer to make your home in London or New York. Tampa seems so unusual for a person such as yourself.
SR-(He nods)Yes, I certainly would have never seen myself there. However these past few years have landed me in odd places because of relationships. I’ve developed a tolerance for the weather in Tampa. The sun however is another story.
AB-Do you see yourself staying in Tampa for a long time?
SR-More than likely. I have a lot of “family” there.
AB-On a personal note, what is going on in your personal life?
SR-(He narrows his eyes at me but covers with that same sexy smile)I’m very happy in my current relationship. She’s a delight.
AB-More than your former wife?
SR-(Again with the fleeting irritation.I know I’m pushing his buttons but hey.) Lauryl’s happy now and we’re still close. I still am her maker and we’re bound to one another.
AB-She says your people skills suck and not in the good way.
SR-(He leans forward some) Now, do you honestly believe that?
AB-(I feel my face flush as his gaze intensifies.)Um, no.
SR- I didn’t think you would.(He pulls his Black berry from his pocket and reads a text message. He laughs to himself and texts back to whoever the message is from. BTW, he texts as adeptly as a 14 year old girl.)
AB-(Something in me makes me think I was just glamoured.I cross my legs nervously and he looks up from the Blackberry at me.) Did you just…?
SR-I did.
AB-Doesn’t that bother you?
SR-(He turns the phone over in his hand a few times before putting it back in his pocket)No.Did it bother you?
AB-(I feel my face flush again.)No.
SR-(He smiles and looks at his watch.I get the hint)
AB-Well I’ll just wrap things up by thanking you and wishing you happiness with your new relationship. Also, good luck with the project you and Marta are working on.
SR-Thank you. (He tips his head slightly to the side) Have you eaten?
SR-I haven’t either and I’m starving.
AB-(I feel my eyes widen) So, I’ll just be going now.
SR-I always enjoy having lovely ladies for dinner

Monday, January 25, 2010

it was the fried pickles, I know it!

so there I was, eating fried pickles, when my characters started to talk to me. they have a weird habit of just dropping in on me when I am least expecting it. so I just started writing. before I knew it, I had written 6 pages of the follow up to Primigenio. wow. that was awesome. I love when my characters talk to me. they say great things, do crazy things and sometimes make me laugh. which is nice because it's like I am on radio silence from the publishing world. I haven't heard from super editor about my fight scene and it's driving me nuts. sigh.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rhinehoth...did you get that?Rhinehoth.go read it!

okay no cookies, which makes for suckdom. anyway I am ending my day of crap on a happy yet embarrassing note. I ordered my first for fun book from amazon a bit ago. while skulking along on suburban vampire, I saw a new book called Rhinehoth by Brian E. Niskala.I watched the book trailer  and was like holy crap!that's for me! so I tootled over to the big A and ordered it. I also fanned his page on facebook and the author emailed me!which was made of awesome!! so it just goes to show the world our little online vampire/fiction community rocks out loud!!! so... go check out this book!it sounds awesome and I will do my fist ever book review when I finish it. I'm so excited because I never get to read anything for fun. such are the perils of being a student.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my vampire can go out in the sun and he looks GOOOOOD

yeah so I finished my fight scene. it was short and sweet. I focused mainly on my mc and another vampire and their fight against the hunter. in the periphery I wrote about the other fighting but it was mainly Sidney and Marta. I'm quite pleased with it but it's in the hands of super editor so I'll soon see.
as for the pic and the title of this my on going time wasting I found this. Yummy Sam Neill in sunglasses. or who I picture Sidney as wearing  sunglasses. it's always nice to imagine things that your characters do. I found one picture of Sam Neill swimming but I don't think Sidney swims. he could but I don't think he would. nevertheless, I saved that pic for a rainy day when I need I candy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


that's right. I'm hard at work trying to write a fight scene. I have no idea how to start this. especially since there are several people involved in it. I can't even visualize it in my head. I can visualize my characters talking, having sex, feeding but not fighting. UGGGG! why is this?should I start with one character and add another row row row your boat style? I don't know. I can't skip it either. apparently the dang scene is integral and the reader feels cheated if I continue to leave it out. curses!then I wonder about Sidney and fighting. the whole story he's never provoked into a physical fight and then at the end he gets involved in this epic battle. dang. why does this have to be so stinking hard?

Friday, January 15, 2010

give it up for my homegirl Dorrie O!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to just let that sentiment out. super editor is the bomb! I never mention her name but it's Dorrie O'Brien and she rocks! she listens to my silly questions, lets me figure out the right thing to do(or tries to) and has helped me improve my writing by leaps and bounds. I think everyone should have a Dorrie. just sayin.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh Sam Neill, you melt my butter

holy crap, I think this man freakin rocks. I was watching an interview with him about playing Charles Bromley, a vampire, in Daybreakers and saw that he LIKED playing a vampire. sigh. if I could cast my book I would totally choose him. now I know I compare Sidney to AR but I think Sam Neill would achieve the amount of awesome I envision for Sidney. I mean, just LOOK at the man.  that look alone is a money shot. I'll post the interview below but Damn... this man is delish and he doesn't like mopey vamps!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tired of the practice

sometimes life can seem very dark. I posted this pic because it's hilarious and the past few days I've needed a good dose of hilarity. my plan to change majors fell through like crap though a goose and I don't know what to do now. I'm sure I'll come up with plan K. I've changed plans so many times that I'm up to that letter. I just keep wondering what is the reason that it keeps happening. I feel that there has to be some sort of higher purpose reason for this to occur. it's just so disheartening and alienating. but I know I will bounce back and come up with something. I've become good at that. practice does indeed make perfect. I just am tired of the practice is all.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

miss understood

nobody understands me. I think this is hilarious and most of those around me in my everyday life don't.but, I think videos made out of lego figures are funny. don't believe me? go to you tube and search lego Hedda gabbler. I guarantee you'll laugh if you know the play.
today was just one of those days. lately I seem to be having quite a few of them. maybe the stars aren't in alignment or some other cosmic malfunction but I've got to figure something out and soon. I don't do emo very well. I get mad too easily.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the fun voices are talking to me...

part of me wants to go see Daybreakers tomorrow early afternoon. the part of me wants to do this by skipping my classes that I missed on wednesday because I was sick. this part of me is extremely persuasive. it keeps saying "come on, go see Sam Neill as a've been waiting for over a month. go and eat movie popcorn and enjoy." yeah, I know. frankly for some reason I'm not into school right at this moment. I have a lot on my mind and don't feel like adding more with school. I hate that. part of it is because I'm always hurting. my mood is down because of it. I have to go have some medieval test done and I am already freaking out about it. I know this is a dumb statement but chronic pain is the pits. I'm 40 and feel like I'm 70. what's that all about?  screw it...I'm going to the movie. it's Sam Neill and vampires and I'm doing it. p.s. the part of me said hooray.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the fail of being sick

oh y'all I'm sick and not happy. it's that icky achy sore throat dribbly nose sick that sucks.I'm so sick that I didn't go to school today. this was bad because it was my first day as a rogue history major. I say rogue because I haven't been officially approved. I'll just keep going until they kick me out. kind of like an academic squatter. I was online looking at everything that I missed and tried to do the reading for friday but that was an epic failure. I took one look at it and gave just seemed undoable. yeah, I know that's 2 words that I made up in this post but I'm sick so forgive me. on a brighter note, I finished my website for Primigenio. you can see it on just search cautionarytale primigenio and you should find it. it's also on my facebook profile.I think it turned out awesome but my view is skewed. I did have it on the blog but it was blanketing the top part of the blog so I had to delete it. I felt like I was killing King Kong.

Monday, January 4, 2010

behold the potential for an epic win

I found an awesome contest on the terrific blog Shooting Stars, penned by writer sisters Suzette Saxton and Bethany Wiggins. one of the epic prizes is a critique of my first 5 pages.there are other great prizes and their blog is always a fun read. Sigh. so much win and so much epicness. okay that isn't a word but it should be. this is the link...    


Sunday, January 3, 2010

whoops and Hollywood Gothic

I forgot to send out a happy new year wish to everyone. apparently I was so into being awesome that I forgot, which isn't awesome. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVEYONE!
I'm getting ready to put on my gator snuggie and watch a show on Unversal Horror. I LOVE those old movies. note my nod to the awesometastic Bela below. they were so stylized and atmospheric but at the same time a stones throw from being mystery science theatre 3000 quality. I LOVE old movie overacting!!!Hollywood Gothic as David Skal calls it. JUST FREAKIN AWESOME. like a hundred billion hotdogs.

Friday, January 1, 2010

awesome like a hundred billion hotdogs

my goal is to be awesome, or even more awesome if you know me, "like a hundred billion hotdogs" that's from an Eddie Izzard bit. I love it. he does a monologue about the change in the meaning and use of the word awesome. it really drives home the point of being awesome.especially for those of us who are.
speaking of awesome... I finished my synopsis and it is awesome. maybe like only one million hotdogs but it is still awesome or awesome like a cookie and a coke.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May your 2011 be filled with happiness and blessings! May you share those with people around you who aren't as fortunate.
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