Sunday, June 27, 2010

dinner with Sam and doing the best thing

I was going to post a pic of Lovely Alan because I felt so bad for poor Snape in Half Blood Prince but apparently I moved most of my AR pics to a jump drive so you get Sam noshing. my poor busy brain. my mind has so many things that it's trying to sort through that I am pretty sure that I am going to have to write them all down. although I think I solved my problem with LIM. so now I can put a giant check mark next to that when I write my list. it wasn't what I initially wanted but sometimes what we want is the right thing and you do what is best. :) then that lets you free up your mind to worry about other things.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

pea pickin and the flow

check out cake wrecks if you haven't. the pic has nothing to do with my post but that should come as no surprise to you. I had a great day of writing! I wrote almost 1k words. for me that's awesome. my characters were talking to me big time. they started last night while I was picking peas. I shouldn't have been doing that because I'm supposed to be off my feet for my knee but I guess my karmic reward was my peeps started talking. my writing took my mind off the fact that Maddy is gone for two weeks :( I'm really excited about this WIP. it's so opposite of what I usually write but it is just flowing. I hope I can keep the momentum going. my goal is to have it finished by the end of the summer and maybe ready to query by Halloween. I'm trying to think positive and keep my mind off of not being able to train for the sprint triathlon I planned on doing in september. if my knee is jacked up like I think it is, I'll be sidetracked for like 3 weeks. I was never much of a hardcore athlete but I am major bummed about this. I suppose I could still do the swim and bike training but I'll know more after my mri. but at least my story is coming together!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

the ol WIP

 so my knee is bad and keeping me off my feet...I have more time to work on FUNdraiser, which I need. I seem to only work on it in spurts. And I doubt I'll get much done on it until I find out how bad my knee is. I am worried because after july first I won't have any short term disability insurance and if I have to have surgery, I will be out without any pay. isn't that nice? isn't the company who bought our hospital a real gem to take away that benefit from us? yeah. so it might be nice to have the time to write but my full attention won't be on it. figuring out how to sell a kidney to survive if I need to have surgery will be instead.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm pretty pissed right now

yeah you read it right. today has been a perfect storm of pissed off culminating at my doorstep. first was the creepy guy who showed up wanting to know if we had a school age child and could he see her. turns out he had done this at multiple houses. I called the sheriff and they sent a deputy. that just sent me over the edge. so now my daughter cannot go out by herself on our property and I hate that.
next is there was some sand raising event at maddy's daycare that got my dander up. it turned out okay but up went my blood pressure.
then my email was full of bad news. the highlights of said bad news were a rejection on a full and the results of a contest. I didn't win. the feed back was good and the scores were good and close. seems the judges saw the same flaws. meh. easy to fix I guess.
finally all of this fun was heaped on the fact that I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist and my wrist is swollen to where my watch is tight(it's a link bracelet Tag Heuer that is usually so loose they face is to my inner wrist) and my left knee is swollen. I have nothing on that. it started hurting at the gym yesterday and now feels like a marshmallow.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my inner nerd

today I'm embracing my inner nerd. I got back from the gym, showered and found a comfy yet nerdy outfit to wear. jorts (jean shorts) and a t shirt that read squares and triangles agree circles are pointless. LOL. yeah, I was full on geek. I have tons of t's like that. I love a good funny shirt. I get most of them from or ClothMoth. most of these shirts require thinking to enjoy but that's why they are so awesome. I'm always on the lookout for new shirts. I do have to say I wasn't totally nerded out. I smelled like L'Occitane Peony, my fave right now. maybe my lovely floral smell made me like a lipstick nerd. I wasn't too nerdy. I managed to write a bunch of words (1k) on my WIP. I also sent out my revised pages to my lovely betas. I've found it easier to recruit betas when I don't write paranromal, which is pretty crappy. but I'll take the betas! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

happy young ones day!

apparently it's international young ones day so here you go. I friggin loved that show. I was the biggest anglophile, Londonphile, new waver back then. well, I still am but that's beside the point. this show was so funny. pretty much all brit com is awesome to me. but this was so amazing to me at the time. I was like a sophomore in high school and this was on MTV late night. before Band Aid made do they know it's Christmas? back when MTV had videos. remember that? MTV also had a late night show called Stick Figure Theater which was hilarious. it was part of another show but I can't remember it. I want to say it was the same one that had Aeon Flux on. man, I loved that show. her hair was awesome!

Friday, June 11, 2010

buy the milkshake eat the sandwich

okay, so there's my nod to Hunter S Thompson. anyway, I'm just trying to tell you sometimes it's better to go with what you want than what is right. or at least for me it has proved to be true. last night I busted my ass getting up at 3 am for a stinkin  half of bologna sandwich. if I had made the sandwich, I might not have fallen. instead I thought, no, no sandwich and turned to go back to bed. instead I ended up on the floor. mad coincidence you say? no I think not. in 1999 I wanted a sonic milkshake but at the last minute thought, no, no milkshake and took a different path home. four minutes later I got t boned by a dumptruck in my little neon. yes, I know. so you see, I am from now on going to embrace these first impulses to avoid disaster. sandwiches and milkshakes for all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a full plate (MMMM bacon)

I was looking and saw that it had been 11 days since my last post and that is crazy!all I can say is that my plate has been a tad full. mainly with my job worries and the other normal things that cause me distress. but the job thing has really hit me hard. I am in  a panic trying to secure employment. I never thought it would be this hard to find work as an experienced nurse. it seems like I have stink on me and no one has told me! auugghh! this is really getting to me. on a brighter note, my full is sitting with 5 publishers now. 3 E and 2 traditional. the waiting is easier now that I have something else to ruminate about.
I promise my posting will be more regular now!!!
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