Friday, March 26, 2010

things seen around my place

for those who don't know it, I live in a rural southern town. let your mind wander. some of the things I see and hear around my house are...interesting. in the past month I have seen:

A herd of 7 deer drinking at our pond. 1 buck 4 doe and 2 fawn.
2 rather large hawks nesting
some crazy looking big bird swim walking in our pond
a bunch of coyotes in our front yard
the guy down the road doing wheelies on his 4 wheeler. yeah. wheelies. and it's a hard road too.
some dude pull on to our property and steal the pine cones out of the yard.
a woodpecker about 12 inches high. the dang thing was HUGE!even the cat left it alone.
a stop sign that has a sticker underneath the word STOP that reads Hammer Time!
the 20 turtles that live in our pond sun on the bank and then bolt like race runners when we appear
and a pair of lovely cardinals who made a nest in our hedge by our grill.

 I really love living in the country. it's not really the country but its acreage and it's far away from people. I like privacy and don't want anyone running up on us. for good or for bad my town is nice enough to call home. our walmart shows up on people of walmart  way too often, the patients I take care of at work sometimes are straight out of My Name is Earl and we even have a cult. so there you go.

I wish a had a picture of the guy doing wheelies on the 4 wheeler. no one believes me.
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