Sunday, February 27, 2011

VampChix: Dark Shadows cast

VampChix: Dark Shadows cast: " The initial cast for DARK SHADOWS has been posted: Barnabas Collins - Johnny Depp Julia Hoffman - Helena Bonham Carter ..."

I'm fearless that way

looks like I have two kneecaps doesn't it? well I don't but I busted my ass today at the skating rink. it was all good and I was rocking to Alejandro until I stopped watching where I was going. anyway, what was really funny was I had just texted my friend Suzannah where I was and what I was doing. she texted back and told me she was too afraid of falling to skate. foolishly, I said I wasn't afraid of that. then like Icarus flying too close to the sun, I fell and busted my knee. then the kid who patrols the floor had to help me up because I couldn't put weight on my knee. so I slinked off the floor and put my cons back on and watched Maddy skate the rest of the time. I think it's funny how I never am afraid of real danger. sure, I'm afraid of the next pandemic turning out to be the zombie apocalypse or the world coming to an end in 2012 or even aliens landing. but falling and seriously injuring myself? nope. at 41, you'd think I would be but I think I still think I'm 21. I know I think my body is still 21. it doesn't look that way hahahaha but I expect it to behave that way. I think I should bounce back after surgery or injury like I'm from Krypton. I'll probably be skiing when I'm sixt and parachuting when I'm 80.oh well. skating is fun and I'll be back to it asap. but maybe this time I'll wear knee pads under my jeans.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Help the Kiwis!!!

Y'all, I can't believe I'm behind on this. I mentioned it on Facebook but didn't get to it on here. my beloved dream land New Zealand as you know was rocked by an earthquake earlier this week and many were killed and displaced. you can make donations to the New Zealand Red Cross at the link I posted below. 
New Zealand is so awesome. I have a friend from their and her family lives in Christchurch. thankfully her family was safe but many aren't so lucky. so if you can help, even if it's just passing this link along, that would be great!!! I'll close this post with an honest to God quote from uber Kiwi and Bacchus, Sam Neill. it doesn't relate to the earthquake or Two Paddocks but it made me do a major spit take!

 Why did the chicken cross the road?
Most chickens crossing roads I assume to be after my autograph. I never say no to a chook.-- Sam Neill

Happy Vladurday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

there've always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm

because I know everyone has scads of free time, you should read if you already haven't Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. I absolutely love the movie with Kate Beckinsale but I hear the book is much better.surprise,right? anyway, the reason I'm pointing out this oldie but goodie (it was pubbed in 1932) is because of her characterization. she invents some of the most memorable and theatrical characters...and I LOVE that. I love characters who are straight out of a B movie and this book is chock full of them.
this little clip is just proof of the types you'll see in the movie so you know Gibbons' characters in the book are rich. another thing about this is it feeds my anglophile inner self. hell, it's an outer self because I freely admit I love the Brits and all things British. so GO NOW AND ORDER THIS BOOK or check it out of the library. but read this gem. end of little of lady like rant about old books.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Alan Rickman!!

Happy Birthday AR! you are made of awesome and sexy and epic! I adore your acting and you will always melt my butter. everytime I watch the video for In Demand by Texas I imagine you and Charlene as Eamon and Amelie! any way, I hope number 65 was awesome and I hope you have many more!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

have some sam

have some Sam. my posts have been Sam free for a while now so I'll share a few from the vault. my personal fave is Sam as Charles Bromley in Daybreakers or as a Sampire. he is HOT as a vampire. just his voice and presence. mmmm. sam.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the wrong characters are talking

yes I say BOOOO! as in I'm booing. I'm doing that because I don't think I'm going to get much work done on FUNdraiser because my vampires are talking to me and have already hashed out their plot complete with new characters. damn. I wish the characters in FUNdraiser would tell my vampires to STFU. they've been waiting so patiently to be written. I guess being from the south, they are super polite and are willing to step aside for others.

Happy Vladurday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day to my own Stan Smith

Happy Valentine's Day Staniel.

hearts and hearts and hearts of love eternal and stuff

happy day of love for all! if you are an anti valentine's day person, be your own valentine. after all, you are awesome. buy yourself something supercool or do something nice for yourself. or I'll be your valentine.I'd love that!! I don't get why people hate this day so much or why this day causes stress. all it's celebrating is love, not couplehood. what's wrong with that? there isn't enough love in the world as it is so why not join in on the day meant to celebrate love? you don't have to buy into the whole commercialized thing. just let the people around you know that you love them. don't forget to let yourself know that.
so enjoy today. read, write, eat, create or just be. All in the name of love!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Eamon and company

at the moment Eamon(wouldn't Paul Bettany make a YUMMY Eamon?) and the gang and touring about so I'll be moving back to my other WIP until the vampires start talking to me again. they can only go so long without barging back into the front of my mind. I hope they'll let me finish FUNdraiser because I enjoy writing it but I never get very far with it because the dang vamps won't be quiet. and they've got some problems. but they'll just have to deal for now. I need to finish this before I finish the third installment of The Primigenio Tales.
it's kind of hard switching focus like that. after being immersed in the minds of my characters for so many months, it's hard to switch back to reality. I was telling a friend about my WIP and he was stunned to find out that there wasn't one single paranormal element in it. yep, that's true but my story isn't run of the mill by a long shot. could you imagine me doing run of the mill? no. all I'll say about it is my MC is living my dream. unfortunately it doesn't pan out for her and causes a big ol bag of trouble but it's a fun read along the way. if I can't write paranormal, I write edgy and funny.  so now I'll head back to the world of SEC universities and trying to be a success in a thankless job the normal way. that never works so you know it's gonna have some spice. and I think even Eamon would dig it. I know I'm being vague and stuff but I'm not ready to talk details about FUNdraiser yet. when I am, you'll wish I'd shut up!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

more karma cleaning and The Demi Monde Winter

I usually don't make jokes about HH but this is funny because it's true. I think HH would laugh. so more karma cleaning happened. yay! so things are going well. and when I went to my mail box, I had a FABULOUS surprise!Look!
I wrote a letter to author Rod Rees about how excited I was about the release of his awesome book and he graciously sent me a copy!!SQUEE! I can't wait to start reading. check out his blog and check out the book on Goodreads. it hasn't been released in the US yet so I feel super duper lucky to read it.YAY!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

getting rid of my bad karma

I'm uber spooky and superstitious and whatnot. lately with all the time I have on my hands, I've been doing a bunch of pondering. I never come up with anything earth shaking but yesterday while driving, I came up with something. I figured out the root of whatever has spun my karma out of control. oh yeah, I believe in karma. I've seen it work. BIG TIME. there is one incident and possession that is the jump off point from my problems. I asked my mom what she thought about my revelation but she just kind of meh'd me. which means that she thinks that if I think it's true then she will just nod and go along with it. but that was good enough. my discovery seemed to make sense and gave me a new outlook on how to approach things.

and then I heard this song on the radio while in the process of trying to repay my karmic debt and I knew I was on the right track. p.s. I love this video and song. if I ever got married, I'd probably do something like this. this is so awesome even though it's kind of old now. still amazing!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well here's how it all started fine until

last week was the Warrior Dash. it was kick ass and it kicked my ass. the pic above is me crawling thru mud and gravel under barb wire.I'm the one on the far left hunkered way down. all in all it was a terrific experience. if it had just been running 3 miles it would have been okay but the obstacles...that's another story. there were 3 in particular that hold a ahem special place in my heart. the first were these 3.5 foot walls we had to climb over. yeah. I'm only 5 foot blah blah so this was an adventure. next was crawling thru a tunnel of mud. this would have been fine if I HADN'T SUNK UP TO MY ELBOWS on all fours.I felt like a dinosaur stuck in the tar pits. I had to hoist my pudgy ass up and out of the mud 10 feet each time sinking back in. I kept picturing those adventure movies where someone gets stuck in the quick sand and tells their friends to just leave them and go on without them. then I got mad and grunted out. the final obstacle from hell was the god damn rope ladders. apparently there is a secret to these. I didn't know it and just got frustrated and threw myself down them. yeah. the officials I'm sure are STILL laughing about it. anyway. I did have fun. I finished. I jumped fire, ran thru mud and palmettos, high stepped thru tires and did half a dozen other crazy things. it was a great time. I spent the time catching up with my friend John from high school and I did something I had never done before, proving my tuff chick status. it only took me until tuesday to recover. triathlons have NOTHING on these extreme races. there is no fire or mud crawling. and no beer. btw, I finished AFTER they stopped with the beer!!!I got cheated out of my beer! but I finished and got my medal! so there's my story. back to reality and my other rants. but enjoy these pics.
me heading to the finish line. you can see where I sunk in the mud. I felt like I was hiding from the Predator.
lol. clean from the back!
the bruises don't show in the pic. all the spots are bruises.
this one I have no idea where I did it. It's kinda green in this pic.
this bruise is the best. it's from the rope ladder incidents. it wraps around my arm and is about 4 inches my elbow from my surgery a couple of years ago was not happy.
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