Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm pretty pissed right now

yeah you read it right. today has been a perfect storm of pissed off culminating at my doorstep. first was the creepy guy who showed up wanting to know if we had a school age child and could he see her. turns out he had done this at multiple houses. I called the sheriff and they sent a deputy. that just sent me over the edge. so now my daughter cannot go out by herself on our property and I hate that.
next is there was some sand raising event at maddy's daycare that got my dander up. it turned out okay but up went my blood pressure.
then my email was full of bad news. the highlights of said bad news were a rejection on a full and the results of a contest. I didn't win. the feed back was good and the scores were good and close. seems the judges saw the same flaws. meh. easy to fix I guess.
finally all of this fun was heaped on the fact that I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist and my wrist is swollen to where my watch is tight(it's a link bracelet Tag Heuer that is usually so loose they face is to my inner wrist) and my left knee is swollen. I have nothing on that. it started hurting at the gym yesterday and now feels like a marshmallow.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.
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