Tuesday, January 26, 2010

an interview with my MC

Today on Elana Johnson's blog I saw an awesome older post about interviewing your characters and I was like MAN!that is BRILLIANT.so I thought I would kick things off by interviewing my main character, Sidney Rutherford.

Sidney joins me this evening impeccably dressed in a suit. The top two buttons of his shirt are not buttoned and he's sans tie. His handshake is firm and his touch lingers just long enough to cause you to blush.

Alison Beightol-It’s great to be able to speak with you Mr. Rutherford.I know you don’t like to give interviews.
Sidney Rutherford- My pleasure. I was willing to make an exception for you.( his slow smile after the word ‘you’ has me HOOKED!)
AB-I know you usually prefer to make your home in London or New York. Tampa seems so unusual for a person such as yourself.
SR-(He nods)Yes, I certainly would have never seen myself there. However these past few years have landed me in odd places because of relationships. I’ve developed a tolerance for the weather in Tampa. The sun however is another story.
AB-Do you see yourself staying in Tampa for a long time?
SR-More than likely. I have a lot of “family” there.
AB-On a personal note, what is going on in your personal life?
SR-(He narrows his eyes at me but covers with that same sexy smile)I’m very happy in my current relationship. She’s a delight.
AB-More than your former wife?
SR-(Again with the fleeting irritation.I know I’m pushing his buttons but hey.) Lauryl’s happy now and we’re still close. I still am her maker and we’re bound to one another.
AB-She says your people skills suck and not in the good way.
SR-(He leans forward some) Now, do you honestly believe that?
AB-(I feel my face flush as his gaze intensifies.)Um, no.
SR- I didn’t think you would.(He pulls his Black berry from his pocket and reads a text message. He laughs to himself and texts back to whoever the message is from. BTW, he texts as adeptly as a 14 year old girl.)
AB-(Something in me makes me think I was just glamoured.I cross my legs nervously and he looks up from the Blackberry at me.) Did you just…?
SR-I did.
AB-Doesn’t that bother you?
SR-(He turns the phone over in his hand a few times before putting it back in his pocket)No.Did it bother you?
AB-(I feel my face flush again.)No.
SR-(He smiles and looks at his watch.I get the hint)
AB-Well I’ll just wrap things up by thanking you and wishing you happiness with your new relationship. Also, good luck with the project you and Marta are working on.
SR-Thank you. (He tips his head slightly to the side) Have you eaten?
SR-I haven’t either and I’m starving.
AB-(I feel my eyes widen) So, I’ll just be going now.
SR-I always enjoy having lovely ladies for dinner


  1. Excellent!! I love stuff like this. :)

  2. Run! I'm fifteen and it takes me five minues to text one sentence. That's not right! Oh, wait... maybe it's just me that's weird. ;D


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