Friday, March 26, 2010

things seen around my place

for those who don't know it, I live in a rural southern town. let your mind wander. some of the things I see and hear around my house are...interesting. in the past month I have seen:

A herd of 7 deer drinking at our pond. 1 buck 4 doe and 2 fawn.
2 rather large hawks nesting
some crazy looking big bird swim walking in our pond
a bunch of coyotes in our front yard
the guy down the road doing wheelies on his 4 wheeler. yeah. wheelies. and it's a hard road too.
some dude pull on to our property and steal the pine cones out of the yard.
a woodpecker about 12 inches high. the dang thing was HUGE!even the cat left it alone.
a stop sign that has a sticker underneath the word STOP that reads Hammer Time!
the 20 turtles that live in our pond sun on the bank and then bolt like race runners when we appear
and a pair of lovely cardinals who made a nest in our hedge by our grill.

 I really love living in the country. it's not really the country but its acreage and it's far away from people. I like privacy and don't want anyone running up on us. for good or for bad my town is nice enough to call home. our walmart shows up on people of walmart  way too often, the patients I take care of at work sometimes are straight out of My Name is Earl and we even have a cult. so there you go.

I wish a had a picture of the guy doing wheelies on the 4 wheeler. no one believes me.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

when in doubt, dream about AR

the reason I wrote that is because last night I dreamed about sitting at a table in a restaurant next to AR and he ate a grilled cheese sandwich and apple pie. I didn't speak to him or anything. although I did do the girl gasp when I saw it was him. you know which one. by some miracle I got him to sign the t shirt I was wearing too. I know what he ate because someone in the dream asked me what he ate and I told them. some how I doubt that he eats that but who knows. maybe. it sounds good to me.
I have been mired in rewrites and edits and the like.they're done for now(yay) and I am thinking about my next WIP which might kick the sequel to Prim off to the side. I got the idea for this after having a heated discussion about university fund raising with a friend. then, like a lightening bolt, it hit me. I got so excited! I wrote down all the rough points but then drew a blank on where to set the dang thing without having big people mad at me. I figured it out and my new characters are already talking to me. exciting! I might actually write something that my mom would read. I mean, she'd read prim because she's my mom but when I ran the quick synopsis by her she said she'd read it. she also now thinks that I was truly a madam in a past life.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

they call me the head hopper

yeah okay that has nothing to do with the pic of delish Sam Neill but hey, there you go. I go by many names. some printable and some not but apparently a name I could go by is the head hopper. I love to head hop in my writing and that's bad. or at least to the publishing world. I myself like to know what everyone is thinking so it's part of my revising was eliminating all of the stinking head hopping I did. I said goodbye to almost 2 thousand words. that's bad. this might explain some of my rejections on partials and fulls. man, I wish I could back up time and start again.
I wish head hopping wasn't so bad. not because it would have saved me countless hours or whatever but because like I said before, I love to know what people are thinking for good or for bad. maybe in an alternate universe it won't be so bad but until Dr Kaku builds his worm hole space ship to that alternate universe, I'm stuck with the rules. (love you rules!) hey and also that space ship can take me to Sam Neill and Alan Rickman!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I just love this poster. I completely think it is perfect for Primigenio. Lauryl stepping on the toes of Eamon.
I've been giving my characters a lot of thought this week. I had a crummy week and my characters are like really cool friends for me. their hijinks and adventures give me a break. I can close my eyes and hear them. or I can imagine scenes from the book. I'm also mapping out chapters for the sequel. although, I think I will have a bunch of cutting because my ideas are getting away from me. auuggg. I hate cutting things from a manuscript. it's like taking part of their life away. my people need their lives. if I can't have an exciting life they can, right?

Friday, March 12, 2010

TA DA!!!!

so the really big winner of the first five pages critique is Laura B Diamond! I did that stupid fruit slot machine best 3 out of 4 because she kept winning. anyway, she's the winner of the crit by Super Editor Dorrie O'Brien. Laura, I'll get with you on how to send it it to Dorrie. she has formatting requirements that make things easier for her.
anyway, this caps off my 4 weeks of epic wins!thanks to all my new followers. I'll try to get back into my usual blogging this weekend. probably one of the first things I'm gonna talk about is waiting and oh how I HATE it. anyway, congrats! this was fun and I'll probably do it again soon!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

win a bit of Super Editor this week!

some days I swear Nelson Muntz is following me around doing his famous ha ha!. did you ever see the episode of the simpsons where he ha has the really tall guy in the tiny car and everyone in town follows him around ha ha ing him? good stuff. anyway.
I wanted to post more about the prize this week... your first five pages critiqued by super editor Dorrie O'Brien. she also goes by super editor. this is a magnificent prize because she gives awesome constructive criticism! She has many many years in publishing and is truly gifted! She can talk a crazed or hopeless writer down from any height! Anyway... pass the word on about this prize!! A professional critique is a swell and valuable prize for you guys!! I wanna share a bit of super editor with you!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

there are so many people I'd like to thank


thanks so much to Laura B Diamond for giving me this awesome blog award!I love it! I have to post 10 truths about myself and pass it on to 5 fellow bloggers so without further ado...

1. I will give you my last dime if you need it
2. I try to blend with whatever age group I'm with
3. I wish I understood physics
4. I dream about my novel's characters
5. I was late to work even when I slept in a room on the unit
6. My pants fell down while I was giving medical aid to a plane passenger
7. I think I can sing and I do so loudly in my car
8. I embarrassed a 'friend' in Switzerland when I tripped and fell into the hotel lobby with all of our luggage
9. I still love that 'friend' but not in that way
10. I think crying in a movie or while reading a book is one of the greatest experiences evcr.

Now to pass this honor on...

Kim Harbourt
Corie Gilkey
Portia Sisco
Kittie Howard
T.K Richardson

and now for the winners of the COOKIES (forgive the pottymouth pic)

I know this is like in really poor taste but I the cookies I am fixing to give away will wash away all the bad words.

okay, so using my super scientific method that I found on the internet of the interactive fruit machine(it's a virtual slot machine) I have this week's winners. yes, WINNERS!! The winner of the dozen Big flower sugar cookies is Laura Diamond!  the associate winners who will get a bag of 4 dozen tiny either flower or heart shaped cookies are Portia Sisco and Cipherqueen. Congrats everyone!!!
I know it was a surprise that I gave away more cookies than I anticipated but since I was gone this week I thought I would sweeten the pot. Ladies email me at

yeah, everything's great until you gotta go get tutored

I've been outta the loop this week with a whirl wind of poo. I had my tests on my hips(ouch) and last night in the wee hours we had to call ems for my dad. sigh. on the upside...cuz there's always an upside. I got nominated for the Honest Scrap Award by lovely author, super person and MD Laura Diamond. I'll take care of the responsibilities of that fab honor in a following post and pass on the honor. just wanted to check back in after being gone.
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