Thursday, July 9, 2009

ready to be the crazy old lady

so okay 40 is quickly creeping up on me. it's not so much getting older that scares or bothers me. I am fully committed to being the old lady at the nursing home who pees in the plants and the nurses and cnas bribe with mountain dew to take her medicine and get dressed. it's the thought of becoming uncool or out of touch that gets me.
maybe that comes from not know what I want to do. more precisely wanting to do so much and not being able to make up my mind. right now i am finishing my costume design degree and trying to get an agent for my manuscript and get published. those are enough right now. especially the manuscript part. that is consuming me.

one more thing

I plan to make myself a sash for the fall that says oldest undergrad in sotd. you know, like the one's pageant winners and mayoral candidates in cartoons wear.

after a 34 semester break

OK so last fall I went back to school. this was after my 34 semester break from the university of florida. the theatre department was kind enough to let me back in but I think it was partly because I can serve as a cautionary tale for wayward students. how much does that ROCK?!?!! I love being back in school and it feels like I have gotten part of my soul back.I am the oldest undergrad in the school of theatre and dance and i could be some of my classmates' mom but fuck it.
each day on campus provides a new adventure for me. I'll just go ahead and get the ' we didn't have cool stuff like this when I was here before' thing out of the way. what I wonder is how much uf will change before maddy gets here.

Just checking

True to my usual form, I didn't go to bed when I planned. I got an urge to record the little gems of my life for all to see. Most of the time, these are reserved for the few who have the good fortune and spirit to hang around me. So, I have cut the cake, so to speak, and now am ready to eat.
ooohh man cake sounds good.

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