Friday, February 4, 2011

Well here's how it all started fine until

last week was the Warrior Dash. it was kick ass and it kicked my ass. the pic above is me crawling thru mud and gravel under barb wire.I'm the one on the far left hunkered way down. all in all it was a terrific experience. if it had just been running 3 miles it would have been okay but the obstacles...that's another story. there were 3 in particular that hold a ahem special place in my heart. the first were these 3.5 foot walls we had to climb over. yeah. I'm only 5 foot blah blah so this was an adventure. next was crawling thru a tunnel of mud. this would have been fine if I HADN'T SUNK UP TO MY ELBOWS on all fours.I felt like a dinosaur stuck in the tar pits. I had to hoist my pudgy ass up and out of the mud 10 feet each time sinking back in. I kept picturing those adventure movies where someone gets stuck in the quick sand and tells their friends to just leave them and go on without them. then I got mad and grunted out. the final obstacle from hell was the god damn rope ladders. apparently there is a secret to these. I didn't know it and just got frustrated and threw myself down them. yeah. the officials I'm sure are STILL laughing about it. anyway. I did have fun. I finished. I jumped fire, ran thru mud and palmettos, high stepped thru tires and did half a dozen other crazy things. it was a great time. I spent the time catching up with my friend John from high school and I did something I had never done before, proving my tuff chick status. it only took me until tuesday to recover. triathlons have NOTHING on these extreme races. there is no fire or mud crawling. and no beer. btw, I finished AFTER they stopped with the beer!!!I got cheated out of my beer! but I finished and got my medal! so there's my story. back to reality and my other rants. but enjoy these pics.
me heading to the finish line. you can see where I sunk in the mud. I felt like I was hiding from the Predator.
lol. clean from the back!
the bruises don't show in the pic. all the spots are bruises.
this one I have no idea where I did it. It's kinda green in this pic.
this bruise is the best. it's from the rope ladder incidents. it wraps around my arm and is about 4 inches my elbow from my surgery a couple of years ago was not happy.
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