Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the prettiest girl in court

well today I had to go to court for a stupid reason and again I had my little mental of contest of am I the prettiest girl in court? duh, yes. LOL. it's not like I was up against some stiff competition. anyway, while in court I saw the cute a.s.a. I discovered that he is left handed. interesting. I first saw this guy when I had to go to court in january for the time I got pulled over in the stupid fhp roadblock. he's nice looking but probably way younger than I am and probably married but he makes court fun. well, my contest makes it fun but he makes it more interesting.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

stabba stabba

well, somedays it just isn't worth the minor ducats that they pay me. me and my dumb job that slowly tries to crush my soul. I sometimes wonder why I torture myself with my job. I know it was only a bad day but sometimes I think it's not worth it and maybe I need to work at the health department or something.

I think I will do some writing. that should make me feel better losing myself in my character's world. they don't deal with the crap I deal with as a nurse. being a vampire in love is much more awesome than being a labor and delivery nurse.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a place of my own

we are moving into our new house and I am WHIPPED. I'm trying to move a whole house as well as 3 storage units. I have no idea why I am doing all of this work when we have movers booked for next week but I am. I am really excited about our new little place.it's old, has property, a stocked fish pond and has a little house for me to do all of my crafts and other endeavors. it gives me quite a nice feeling to know that I will have a place of my own to do my thing. sigh. happy sigh!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it just appeals to the goth costumer in me!

so I am surfing along trying to avoid writing and packing and I come upon(at the suggestion of the black wardrobe) a website with clothing so amazing that I now have ANOTHER reason that I need to live in London. I came upon The Fairy Gothmother. OMFG!this site has the most beautiful clothing and lingerie. I was in gothic costumer heaven. I could have spent hours looking at all of the the phenomenal garments. the models were photgraphed so beautifully! it was all very vintage noir.SIGH! I just want to go to the store in central London and stare longingly at them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

little perks from sitting so close

okay, so the other day I took Maddy to see her first Gator football game and it was great!our seats were FAN FRICKIN TASTIC. we were on the 50 yard line row 2 behind the arkansas bench. the only possible way they could have been better would have been if they were behind the Gator bench becuase then I could have seen Tim Tebow up close. although from my seat I was close enough to see that his jock strap is blue and he is tall. all in allit was awesome except Maddy was ready to go by the 3rd quarter. what can you expect from a 7 yo?

that game really made my mood improve. it had nothing to do with the fact that the pants that the players wear are see through. it was just getting out with Maddy and doing something fun and being around people and living life. so often,especially lately, I feel so world weary. I really needed the lift I got from the game! yay!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy SHIT google alerts are real

I always thought those were an urban legend. some uber sneaky techno way to watch out for things on the internet but after reading a blog entry on a blog that I follow I found out that they are REAL. technology scares me. it scared me years ago when I saw Patriot Games and now my fears have been reinforced.

all I have to say is Alan Rickman, if you have Google alerts I mean no creeper harm. I simply think you are on sexy mofo and Tim Tebow, you are just awesome.

that is all.

Monday, October 12, 2009

sucking without the time suck

well damn, I say. how hard is it to buy a frigging house? I ask this because we cannot find a house to buy and settle into and this is making me INSANE. well let me qualify that. we find houses but then they don't accept our offer or someone steals the AC unit out of it and we have to withdraw our offer because the financing falls through. BOLLOCKS!!

I have been in a state of uproar for about 2 weeks now and my little psyche can't handle it. I feel like my skin is crawling and I am restless. oh, and I decided that I would stay in school but change my major to something that was less of a time suck. what am I 20? so now it's history, which was my minor. it's just flip flopping. actually the school thing is mirroring the house hunting situation. I am having to settle on my second choice and I hate it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

well, it's over

I Dreamed a Dream, Maybe This Time, The Movie in My Mind etc. all of the songs of what might have been from some of Broadway's long suffering characters. I notice that the tragic figures get the best songs. maybe I just identify with the tragic ones and remember their songs. anyway, my point being I am giving up on going to school. I have come to the horrible realization that I am no longer twenty and my major should be completed only by those who are twenty, without children and who don't have a job or other real world demands. like I said, it was a hard decision to come to but after finding out that we have to move and renovate a house, I just decided that it was no longer realistic for me to keep going. I'm okay with it. I got myself to this point so I am the one to accept it. I think I will hang my education dream up along with perfect one true love Dan and keep it holy and clean too.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

are you f ing kidding me

well, the great news is I have been plugging along with my rewrite and it seems to be going well according to feedback from super editor. this is a tremendous weight off of my mind.I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get back in the groove of this rewrite. I have written about 20 pages and that is A LOT of pages. it has been difficult because I have been trying to fill in gaps and flesh out characters and provide details that I know in my head but apparently I was selfishly withholding from the reader. LOL. so I am trying to jam this out before I have to pack up to move. oh wait, I didn't pass that gem along? oh yes I have less than 30 days to pack the house and move. nice. so long school.

the nice thing is we are moving to a swell new property with a pond and 5 acres. and best of all a swell little building for me and my crafts and endeavors. YAY!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

october RULES!

YAY! it's the first day of october and I love it!!fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I am definitely more of a cooler weather kind of girl. it inspires me and makes me feel creative. :)
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