Sunday, December 5, 2010

Interview with Scott M. Baker author of The Vampire Hunters plus a GIVEAWAY!

This is the first of my author interview/ giveaways this month and I'm so pleased to have with me today Scott M. Baker author of The Vampire Hunters. Scott, thanks for being here. Let's get started.

Alison: I know you describe yourself as a monster kid. If you could be a monster, what would you be?
Scott: If I had to choose, I'd be a vampire. If I'm going to be evil, I might as well be immortal, powerful and sexually uninhibited.

Alison: Do you "write what you know"?
Scott: Yes, as much as I can. I'm a firm believer that the only way to write a truly  compelling story is to pour some of your heart and soul into it.
The underlying theme of the The Vampire Hunters is the war on terror, or more precisely how those who fight it come to terms with the never ending nature of the conflict. The comparisons between vampires and terrorists are obvious so I won't belay the point. Neither shows remorse or compassion. They attack their victims indiscriminately and for every terrorist or vampire destroyed, several more take their place.
The hunters take up stakes to combat evil and fight the good fight but they don't have the same level of commitment. Drake Matthews is the dedicated, gung ho leader of the group that wants to fight until every last vampire is wiped out, even if such an outcome takes years. Alison Monroe is a realist; she joined with Drake out of loyalty but after a while comes to the realization that this war will never end and wants to move on and start a life of her own. And finally, there's James Delmarco, the engineering student drafted into the cause. He does whatever it takes but is biding his time until his tour of duty is up.

Alison: Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?
Scott: As far back as I can remember. When I was about ten, my father brought home an old typewriter from work and I set up an "office" in the family room where I typed out a weekly monster magazine.  I was a writer, editor, art director and publisher. Granted it only had a circulation of one- my mother. But it planted the writer bug in me and I never looked back. Of course, I hope the quality of my writing has improved by now.

Alison: First book in print...initial reaction when you found out it was going to happen?
Scott: Signing the contract was awesome. It was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. However, the real excitement came the day my copies of the book showed up at the front door. Sure I had already approved the artwork and read the proofs so I had an idea what it would look like but nothing compared to opening that box and seeing the finished book staring back up at me.That was a thrill ten years in the making.

Alison: Any hints about what's next for you as a writer?
Scott: I'm shopping around a finished novel titled Rotter World about vampires and humans trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. I'm currently working on a novel about something monstrous stalking the deserts of northwest New Mexico. Future works include a sequel to Rotter World and a possible series about OSS officers combating demons summoned by Nazis dabbling in the occult.

Alison: People say vampires are done, do you agree?
Scott: Hell no.True because of the craze for vampires, publishers and movie studios have pumped out an endless stream of titles that have saturated the market, most of which no one will remember in a few years. But there is still plenty of quality vampire fiction. The Anita Blake series is still popular. True Blood is one of the highest rated shows on HBO. Hollywood is reimaging classics such as Fright Night and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are still a lot of die hard fans who keep the genre thriving and will continue to do so for years.

Alison: If they made your novel into a movie, who do you see playing the leads?
Scott: I can see Nathan Fillian of Serenity playing the lead character Drake Matthews. If Hollywood wanrted to go campier then Bruce Campbell would be perfect. For the part of Alison Monroe, I've envisioned either Ali Larter or Christa Campbell.

Thanks again for stopping by, Scott! We appreciate it. Good luck with The Vampire Hunters!

And now, I'm giving away some swell swag. Scott has generously agreed to sign copy of The Vampires Hunters for one lucky reader. Also, two other readers will win 1 ten dollar gift card to Borders each.
Here are the rules...
Leave a comment about what kind of monster you would like to be in the comments section along with your name and email address. Don't put the at sign in. Put the word "at" instead. + 1 entry
You can also get more chances at winning by linking the interview back from your blog. + 2 entries
Tweet about the interview and giveaway + 2 entries.
Follow my blog and get +5 entries.
Do the tedious math for me +3 entries (man I HATE math)

That's it! Easy! I'll draw the winners saturday afternoon and post them then.


  1. Super interview, Alison. Really good questions with interesting answers. I don't think vampires are done either; having said that, I can't read that scary stuff and sleep, LOL!

  2. I'd like to be a shifter.

    +5 gfc follower
    +3 doing math

    total: 9

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. I'd like to be a mummy. I think was one in a previous life, actually. +1

    If I'm already a follower do I get +5?

    If that's the case, by the doing the math (+3) I come up with 9. :)


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