Tuesday, February 14, 2012

vampires for valentines! and a giveaway!

happy valentine's day and welcome to the Vampires for Valentines blog hop hosted by Felicity Heaton and Bitten by Paranormal Romance. please make sure that you visit all of the blogs that are participating in this sweet hop! there are some awesome giveaways!

but lets talk about vampires and valentine's day. valentine's day is a day to celebrate your true, lasting love. some do it with splashes of red and hearts and roses, some do it with poetry and romantic little trinkets and games. some do it in their own unique way. for me, vampires are much the same. they are all unique and different. vampire lore is so varied. stories about vampires often intermix and mingle this lore and create their own kind of vampire. some vamps are evil and dark. some are like humans with the same foibles quirks, just with special dietary requirements and some are more creature like in that they no longer retain any of their humanity.
my vampires are a mix. they resemble humans but have different traits and abilities.  whatever kind of vampire a person's maker is, that is they type of vampire the human will be. kind of like heredity. one thing I didn't want my vampires to lose, even though they shun it as a human weakness, is the desire for love and a companion. I think even vampires need love, just like people do. in my books, there is a lot of conflict about love and companionship mixed in with more vampire centric issue. I made it so that even vampires have dating problems and experience heartbreak and jealousy. just because you live forever doesn't mean that your heart can't be broken. and I like this. don't get me wrong, my vampires are kick ass but at the end of the day, everybody loves love. And needs love. my main character Eamon in Blood Betrayed has a horrible time learning to accept this and it's terrific. he's over a thousand years old, rich and sexy and still has a hard time finding love. or real love.
so enjoy this day of love and I hope your love lasts an eternity!

so with this awesome day of love and blog hop, I'm giving away some swell vampire stuff. all you need to do is leave me a comment about what kind of vampires you like and if you think they should be in love. that's it! basically just talk to me!I'll pick a winner at the end of the blog hop on the 16th.
one winner will get some swell vampire book stickers, an awesome moonlight scented candle(I love this candle) and a 25 dollar Barnes and Noble gift card to buy some more vampire romance books!


  1. Have never recovered from seeing a black and white movie with a vampire emerging from a coffin when I was small, so I'm fascinated by the current interest in them. :0)

  2. At the risk of being flogged, I DON'T like Stephenie Meyer's take on Vampires. I don't think they should sparkle in the sunlight like little pansy faeries (no offense to faeries.)

    I like my Vampires dark, broody and seriously passionate. Like my man :D They would protect their loved ones at all costs, even from themselves if need be. Kinda like Mitch from Moonlight. Remember Mitch? YUMMMM-O.

    They should be adverse to sunlight at all costs and only emerge from their lairs on the most dire of circumstances. There are plenty of fair maidens who can stumble upon their hide-outs without the Vamps scouraging for food.

    I mean...sheesh. Sparkling in the sunlight? Puh-leeeeze.


  3. I like vampires to be vicious, to not care what humans think of them. I want my vampires to be all alpha predator! I hate that now they seem to be sparkly, emo messes!
    I think they should be able to fall in love with a human but that they shouldn't really want to even pretend to be human!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!
    Ashley A

  4. I love manly, dominate vampires. Those that are dark, dangerous, somewhat tortured. I want them to be alpha men, protective of those they love (and they should be able to love), intelligent, caring, and have a sense of honor and humor (if twisted). They should still have a human aspect to them, retain their humanity. I don't want a killing machine or monster. I like the PNR so the romantic aspect is important to me, they need to have a HEA or HFN ending to their stories.
    Thank you for the giveaway.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love strong, alpha, blood-drinking vampires. (not the ones that refuse to feed on humans) I love the old school vamps not the new modern vamps. Vampires are loyal and protective and I think they should definitely be in love. There are some human qualities to vampires and the deserve a HEA.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

  6. I love vampires that don't kill or turn people when they drink, but the do drink blood none of those vegetarian vamps :( Also no sparkling vamps.



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