Friday, December 2, 2011

The Scrooge Rankings

well it's December and I thought I'd share my rankings of different Scrooges from my favorite Christmas story A Christmas Carol. now these are all my opinions and you might not agree but hey... feel free to comment. I'll go from least favorite to favorite.

Alistair Sim. I just didn't feel the menace and hard heartedness of his Scrooge. he was kind of a weenie and a bungler.

George C. Scott. he was too scroogey. even after he changed, I felt like he could still slip back to his old ways. he reminded me of Dick Cheney if he was Scrooge.(but isn't he?)

Mr. Magoo. now not that I don't like him. I do and I love this portrayal. just not as much as the rest of them.

Edmund Blackadder. again, I love this version. Blackadder's Christmas Carol. he's snarky and greedy and awesome. and I think Charles Dickens would have loved it. even if Mr. Scrooge didn't see the error of his ways.

Patrick Stewart. YES! LIKE A BOSS. to me this is the best Scrooge. he's bitter and cold but at the end his change is quite believable. I really felt sorry for him. besides the costars were awesome!

anyway, this is my line up. I'll probably watch A Christmas Carol about 19 times and once again try and make Smoking Bishop for our Christmas dinner. it's a mulled wine that is warmed. google it. you might want to try it.


  1. Great Post :D
    Thought you might like my alternative machinima version of A Christmas Carol

  2. Alistair Sim was always my favorite. I think he was more human than the others, and more believable. And I loved the back story they created for him, especially with the death if his sister. Next is Bill Murray in SCROOGED; he was so over the top he was funny. Third is George C. Scott, though I did expect him to slap Cratchett and call him a coward. And finally is Albert Finny in SCROOGE, thank you very much.


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