Friday, December 9, 2011

My favotite Christmas specials or what I'm calling in sick for if they come on

okay, so someone I love suggested I put up a list of my favorite Christmas specials/shows so here it is. I chose these by weighing whether I would call in sick or be late to work to watch them. yeah, I know. I'm like that.

the Grinch. it's on enough so I wouldn't have to call in but I do love it. THIS version. NOT the live action version. I like the Boris Karloff narration. and the Tony the Tiger guy singing the Grinch song.

oh yes, Rudolph! I love this. I could watch it forever. so sweet. and it teaches a valuable lesson. I  freakin love those Rankin Bass shows!!

It's a Wonderful Life. yes. I love it. I watch it every year and still smile.

 the Flinstones Christmas. it isn't a special. it was a regular show during the season.I love it. Fred gets a job at Gimrocks as a gift wrapper to earn extra money for Christmas but ends up working as Santa and then being Santa. this is rare so yes indeed I'd miss work for this.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas episode of the X Files. it has Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin in it. I love it. man I miss that show.

A Charlie Brown Christmas. it's a little older than I am and I remember it from my childhood. this is my all time fave. I have it on DVD and sometimes watch it when it isn't Christmas. it's sweet, naive, funny and perfect. I love it. it truly is my fave.

so that's my list. feel free to comment and let me know yours. next week I might do songs.

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