Friday, August 19, 2011

is this thing on?

hello and welcome back from my unintentional blog hiatus. what does Vince Vaughn have to do with this? nothing I just wish I had a friend like him. a snappy hipster who is awesome at video games. basically a guy you would LOVE to hang out with but would never ever date but I digress. I'm back from my summer of labor and toil. and all I can say is it was hot and hard and not in the erotica way.  a lot happened and I'll sum it up.

we got moved in. hooray! the move was horrible and I broke 3 of the bones in my foot. it would have been okay if I had followed through with the treatment but when you are moving there is no time for 6 weeks of staying off your foot. so now, my foot is probably jacked up for good. although I can now wear other foot wear besides Birks and flip flops without being in medieval torture supplied agony. upside is we are settled in Gainesville and Maddy starts school Monday.

my book Blood Betrayed is a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards. I guess  should have made that my lead off but moving seemed more of an accomplishment. anyway, I find out in October at the Florida Writers Association conference. I'm excited.

I have been writing quite a bit but not on any one project. my word count is growing laterally and not on one specific WIP. in fact. I've come up with ANOTHER project. I'll just say it's nice to be blessed by inspiration. if only I could be matched with discipline so I could finish one.

I got a job!!I am going to be doing Labor and Delivery again. YAY! it's night shift so that will take some getting used to but in truth I'm a night person. if only the whole world was things would move mucho smoother.

I'm sure more happened to consume almost 2 months but those are the highlights. summer hiatus is over and the new season is starting. btw, how AWESOME is True Blood?!
stay tuned around here. I have some super book blog stops coming up this week!! they have GIVEAWAYS!!!
my book


  1. Wow, you've had a very busy life! Congrats on your book being a finalist, and the move (eventhough you hurt your foot, ouch!).

  2. Thanks!!I was excited! I left out the part where our former house was burglarized and they stole about 6k dollars worth of stuff we had yet to move. Oh well. So goes life!


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