Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thanks, y'all!

yeah that's probably good advice but the best advice would be don't go to a body piercer who would need that kind of advice. just sayin.
I'm so happy! I got 2 blog awards!!!! I am so honored and overwhelmed.
the first was this lovely award from A Storybook World hosted by author and brilliant illustrator  Dierdra Eden Coppel
seriously, I was happy/flabbergasted when I saw her comment! it was so nice for someone to drop in and give me such a lovely award! it was like she "got" what I do here. go see her blog and follow! it's awesome!!!
the second award was from my hilarious friend in blogging Steve Bossenberger over at El Blog de Steve he and I think a lot alike and if I lived anywhere near him, I'd never get anything done because we'd be discussing all the things he writes about along with some of my gems. anyway, the Boss awarded me The Stylish Blogger Award!
I love this award and love that a like minded peer gave it to me! like minded all except for the Gators and we'll just have to over look that. I will do my fact revealing and passing this award on in a later post but I just wanted to say thanks!
THANKS Boss and Dierdra!!!You guys rock!


  1. Congrats on the blog awards! Also, I LOVE failblog. Makes my whole day taste like happy. :)

  2. Thanks for the link back and congrats on all of your awards. You are very deserving. Keep up the good work!


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