Saturday, December 18, 2010

And now...the winners

since I don't have a drum for a drum roll I'll just go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
the winners of the signed book by Alex Bledsoe are:
Aik and Alicia Gregoire! congrats ladies! I will email you to get your addresses and then Alex will sign your book!
the sauce winner is:
Steve Bossenberger (I love his name almost as much as his blog.It makes me think of an epic hamburger) I'll email you to get your address and the sauces will be on their way to you.
just so you know I used the wonderful random selector tools at to choose. there was no fix or whatever in the contest. cheating is bad.
come back tomorrow for an interview with Kristie Cook, author of Promise and Purpose. I'll be giving away a signed copy of each of her books and a iTunes gift card on 12/26 (I get Christmas off) you can enter all week, not just the day that I post the interview! former winners are welcome too.


  1. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. THANKS!!! WOW! I won! I never win anything. I don't even know what to do...A big acceptance speech? OK!

    I would like to thank the academy...Oh, scratch that. That is for when I finally when an Oscar.

    I would like to thank Alison and her wonderful blog. If you ever get to Iowa, I invite you to our house. I will BBQ up a rack of ribs!

    Take care!


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