Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm thinking big! 4 weeks of epic WIN

after my post yesterday I got to thinking...winning begins with me so in order to get the karmic wheel spinning, I am giving away a prize a week for the next month.YAY! 
this week's big prize is a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. just follow my blog and leave a comment to this post. I'm looking for comments about why you write or blog. what drives you?it doesn't have to be anything earth shaking just tell me the truth! if you are a blogger and you post this contest on your blog, you get +5 points. if you post it on facebook you get +5 points(you have to friend me). following my blog is a get a base 10 points for it.sweet!!
so it breaks down...
follow my hilarious(snort) blog and leave a comment +10 points
post this on your blog +5 points
friend me and post on facebook +5 points
I'll draw the winner and email you for your address and poof!blog swag headed your way!!
good luck and thanks!


  1. Why do I blog? Actually, this is an introspective question that digs deep. I am a woman of a certain age who has traveled widely and lived both large and small. Along the way I learned things, the intangible stuff that often appears what it isn't or is so simple people search for a complicated answer. My husband and I don't have children. My stories are a legacy of sorts.

  2. I blog because...1) it's recommended that all authors have one 2) I'm artsy so I love messing with the graphics and designing stuff ;) and 3) I want people to be able to reach me and say hi without feeling awkward.

    I write because...4)I love it 5)I love books 6)it helps me heal emotionally 7)I can write in code and no one will ever decipher it (so I don't feel nervous about saying ANYTHING) 8)I'm the only writer in my family so no one can tell me that I'm bad at it and 9) It makes you a better person. ;D

    I'm young so I can't really say much as to experience.... but I've seen a lot of different 'worlds' and love the flavor of each!

  3. I blog as a way to connect with readers and share my thoughts. I love connecting with other bloggers. There is so much creativity in the blogging community!

    My (non-blogging) writing is something that I feels more like a compulsion. When the urge takes me I just HAVE to write! :)

    Thank you for having such a fabulous giveaway!


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